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New Year, New View on Health

January 21, 2021

New Year, New View on Health Every year, we start out by making resolutions to do something different for ourselves or for others. Most of the time we break those resolutions and then just give up on them within the first couple of weeks of January. But what if we made a promise to ourselves…

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Health Is Easy As ABC And 123

January 11, 2021

Health Is Easy As ABC And 123 Happy New Year! I want to take this time to really thank you all for being part of our mission:  Healthy by Choice, Not by Chance. Our daily choices make up the condition of our health and no matter what our choices are as individuals, I know that…

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Self-Care: It Is Not Just About You

December 30, 2020

Self-Care: It Is Not Just About You Something that I have been continually working on as a caregiver and doctor is making sure to take care of myself just as much as I take care of others. As we care for those around us, we take away from ourselves, and if we don’t take the…

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What’s The Best I Can Do?

December 17, 2020

What’s The Best I Can Do? by Dr. Michelle Irwin Okay, so let’s wrap this up and put it to bed. Sleep is like water; it is something we can’t function without. When we are resting, our bodies are repair themselves and it helps with our overall mood and sanity. When we aren’t getting the…

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Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

December 15, 2020

Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep by Dr. Michelle Irwin Day after day we hear about how a poor night’s sleep is causing pain, and with the way work is going for so many these days it is just getting worse. So far this month, we have talked about the benefits of getting a good…

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Sleep Well, Be Well

December 8, 2020

Sleep Well, Be Well by Dr. Michelle Irwin We all know that sleep is important, but it is more than just being able to stay awake during the workday. Sleep is dedicated to our bodies healing and recovery. Research shows that during sleep, our immune system is actively fighting infection while also producing additional immune…