Chiropractic Testimonials

Couples that get chiropractic care together, stay together! Jeff and his wife were dealing with some pain and chose to do something about it.

"Over a year ago, I was having pain in my shoulder, arm and neck area mostly because of the type of work I do where I'm constantly having a phone to my ear.'

"The main thing is that Dr. Jeremy and his team made me feel very comfortable, very relaxed, explain the whole process to me, from beginning all the way until I started my treatments, and gave me a roadmap"

Jeff and his wife were approached by a chiropractor that offered them a complimentary exam and they found that his wife had more problems than they thought, so they decided to make chiropractic care part of their lives.

"They talked to her, they explained to her about the X-rays, where she is at a certain point and again, the roadmap and where she wants to be, and it helped her... That's excellent news and so she's definitely done better from when we started here to today."

"As far as the, as working with the team, every time we come in, they say hello, to myself and my wife, they make us feel comfortable, they asked us questions, how are you doing? How do you feel?... if there's anything else they can do on their end to help us feel comfortable. And that's really the bottom line I think, is having that personal relationship."

"One of the things they had is a training segment where you could come in as, as a customer and they would do a training segment where they would go over and review some of the new processes that they have... That was, to me, it takes them another extra step...So yeah, that's the relationship that we've had with them and has been very good. I trust them tremendously!"

After her pregnancy, Anastasiia was feeling some pain that was not going away and was limiting her daily activities.

"When I gave a birth to this little guy, I found out that I just felt like I couldn't move, basically anything, I would tell my body anyway, and that hurt, it really hurt. My husband had a really successful story with Energize Chiropractic before, and it was his idea to get me here. That was when they came here, they evaluated me and that was pretty bad."

Dr. Jeremy asked me to come here three times a week, and they gave me three or four months plan, three times a week... Later on, they gave me a plan of exercises... Every day, I was really good student at that point, and then they reduced my care to one time a week and then biweekly right now, I'm going biweekly.

So Energize Chiropractic, they state that they are holistic medicine, holistic approach place, and I do believe that!"

Every time I come here for evaluation, they give me like questions like, 'how is this particular thing affects your sleep?', 'How does it affect your walking?', 'Can you do recreation or anything?' And it feels like they do care about how I feel beyond these walls.

Every time I come here, they greet me, amazing experience! They basically know my family, they ask how my son is doing or how my husband works with a baby in the morning - feels like family here!

It is always a pleasure to have you in the office with your little one, Anastasiia! Keep up the great work and we look forward to helping you feel even better!💛

This is INCREDIBLE! Andrea had been dealing with migraines and some major back issues that really bothered her day-to-day activities. When she came in, she found out something very serious.

"When I came here, I actually came to find out that I'd broken my back when I was in high school and didn't even know it, never got fixed. So, a lot of pain!"

He set me up on a plan that where I started off for the first 90, I want to say 90 days, it was three times a week just with basic adjustments, just getting my body used to it... five months later where this was just continuous care and I actually could feel my back shifting and not hurting as bad."

"After the first three months, we added in traction, which really helped with the migraines cause it helped get my neck re-aligned and my head back towards should be instead of protruding out farther than it should.

"I now come every other week, I just do adjustments, I don't have to do the traction anymore, And I feel great when I leave... and I'm a happy girl."

"The team here is great. Every time I come in its 'hi, Andrea, how are you doing?' Everybody knows me and... very welcoming, which I absolutely loved, and they always check in with me, having cancer and knowing that, if my body's all out of whack, when I sign in, they're like do you have a treatment today? And I'm like, yep, I sure did and they know, and they can tell, and they can tell when I'm stressed and they try and relieve my stress and it's just, it's nice to come into a place knowing that I'm going to be treated respectfully and I matter, then we're going to pop you and send you on your way."

We are glad that we could help you uncover something as serious as a broken back! It is always a pleasure to have you in our office, the environment always lights up when you are around, and we always look forward to your visits.

Ashley has been familiar with Energize Chiropractic and Wellness for many years, both as a friend of our doctors and as an employee of our practice. Before coming in, she did not know too much about chiropractic care and was ready to learn how it could help her.

"I didn't have any specific injuries that I was aware of or any pain, life seemed pretty good before, but then I learned it could be better."

"I'd never seen my spine before... once we got x-rays, there were things that came up about possible injuries I had before I never knew of. Probably broke a rib in the past, might've had a neck injury, all which I was expecting could come up because I grew up as a competitive figure skater and hockey player and had never really gone into the doctor unless I was dying."

"I learned that at a little bit of a curve starting and I also, as many women do, my neck was forward, which was a fear of mine... So, I was put on a plan to come in and get adjusted as often as possible. Ideally at least twice a week."

Our doctor put her on a plan tailored around her needs and goals, and within a few months she was seeing great results in her back and neck.

"I was also put-on traction, starting out on the treadmill, walking with my head in the brace and the brace around here, cause we were fixing my neck, and part of my middle back within a couple months, the part of my middle back had actually completely fixed itself and it was very obvious on the x-ray."

"So even for people that, whether they believe in chiropractic or not is look, listen, this is real, this was me before this me after, and then I've continued to come."

"Everybody's welcome as they come in that door, and if you are questioning what's going on, everybody's here to provide that information and be very open and honest... when you come in and you have somebody talking to you and actually willing to explain every bit, it really helps you feel like you can trust them. Like you trust your family!"

It has been amazing to see your progress with chiropractic care and we are glad that you gave it a chance and are now seeing great results. Keep it up Ashley!

Chiropractic care during pregnancy?!

Ashley was feeling some pain while she was pregnant and sought relief through natural methods.

"So, I came to energize chiropractic, while I was pregnant with my second child and pregnancy of course does a lot to the female body and I was experiencing typical pregnancy symptoms; a lot of pressure in my hips and my joints, and it was making my life, rather uncomfortable."

As a fitness instructor, Ashley needed to be in tip-top shape, so Dr. Michelle put her on plan for during and after her pregnancy that was tailored around her needs and goals.

"I was coming in, about four times a week and getting my treatment to realign my body, my pelvis, and then after I gave birth, I was still experiencing some discomfort and, Dr. Michelle, again, worked with me to help with those postpartum care needs.

"I have been working with them for the last five months, postpartum, to correct my life essentially and finding comfort in everyday experiences and needs that I have as a mother. 

"So, becoming part of the Energize chiropractic family, it's more than just chiropractic care. You come here and everyone is so welcoming, they know you by name... hey know what you're in for, they know what you're being cared for... it is nice to come to a location, that feels so familiar, and everyone has your wellbeing in mind!"

Pregnancy can put your body through a lot of stress and challenges, but we are so glad that you sought natural relief for yourself and your baby. You are strong and determinant - those challenges never stood a chance against you! Keep up the great work Ashley!

What a turnaround! Brendon fell victim to the challenges of having proper posture and engaging in regular physical activity when he was sitting at a computer for work for long periods of time.

"I did I.T. work, so I usually had a computer on in front of me all the time. I was sitting all the time. I didn't get a whole lot of walking around, so I tend to have issues with my back or with getting up in the morning"

After visiting our office and meeting with one of our doctors, Brendon was put on a plan that involved getting adjustments, doing traction, stretching, and exercising.

"After about three months or so I started feeling a lot better. I would sleep a lot better. I felt more well rested in the morning"

"Working with the Energize Chiropractic team is a cool experience cause they all seem to get to know you and are interested in knowing what you do outside of work or outside of coming in every week. I would get to know them to the point where they would just call me by my first name... it's very much like a family experience with everyone!"

It is so great to hear that things have gotten better for you, Brendon. Keep crushing the game plan and maximize your potential. We can't wait to help you through it!

Cecilia has been an awesome Energize family member for a little over a decade and she has had an incredible journey with chiropractic care!

"I was a flight attendant for 10 years and a florist for 28 years which involved a lot of physical and repetitive movement. And, when I turned 60, I realized all that movement had caused a lot of issues."

"So, the first and really devastating, body part injury was, dealing with a hip replacement after the surgery. The surgery went fine. However, my pelvis was out of whack. So, I had extreme pain on the right side of my body. Dr. Jeremy had me coming in three times a week at the beginning for adjustments just to alleviate the pain."

"Dr. Jeremy, little by little assisted and helped me through a lot of issues. So now that I am 72, I have benefited quite a bit from the treatment that I have received here with a replaced hip."

Cecilia benefited significantly from Dr. Jeremy's guidance through her journey and the information he provided her along the way.

"I appreciate being educated on my body. I think that's one of the advantages of chiropractic is they tell you what is going on, it's not a magic pill."

Her husband also visits our office and has experienced his own success.

"It can be for my husband, who was a bus driver, a little bit of time in between his visits, but every time he comes by, they take good care of him and he goes, gosh, I just got to stay there and stay with it!"

"I appreciate the family atmosphere and the feeling that I'm important, that I'm not just a number."

We appreciate having you apart of our family, Cecilia, you always brighten up the office when you come in and it is always a pleasure to have you!

Chris led a very active lifestyle and loved to spend his time engaging in activities. His job moved around quite a bit and he was put in a role that placed him at a desk for long periods of time without many breaks.

"I developed a really bad pain in my lower back, which stretched down into both my hips... I was doing conventional physical therapy and things were getting worse and worse for me. There were certain points where I'd wake up in the middle of the night and I would have to crawl on the floor to go to the bathroom, the pain was that extreme."

"I didn't know what to do."

Chris's wife was recommended Energize Chiropractic and Wellness and he came in for a visit.

"Dr. Jeremy Meadows was the very first doctor to sit down with me for anywhere from, I thought it was 30 to 45 minutes and actually went in detail of my MRI and what was going on with each individual area of my spine.

I hadn't had that from any other doctor before, they just basically said, here's your MRI."

"Dr. Jeremy laid out the plan and the plan was we did a spinal decompression here over the course of two months and coming in and doing the adjustments and I could feel the pain going away day by day and week by week."

"Dr. Jeremy would take his time from whenever he had a moment come back and talk to me personally as I was going through my treatment and address the needs that I felt was going on. I got to the point at the end of the treatment plan where, basically pain-free, back to my life with doing what I need to do with my kids."

"They're very dedicated to their clients is what I felt. They would take their time if you needed extra time for adjustment. Treatment was so wonderful that I ended up bringing my whole family here. So I felt it was very safe and with my whole family here I thought they could all learn something from each member of the staff here!"

Chris has had an amazing journey and we are so glad that we were able to help him along the way and celebrate in his successes! Thank you for being a part of the Energize Tribe!

What a Journey! Before receiving any chiropractic care, David was experiencing severe back pain from an injury he experienced years before that made him believe surgery was the only options.

"The pain interfered with everything I did. My drive to work was misery. My day at work was misery. I couldn't play with my daughter."

By chance, David was driving by our office and noticed that we were offering a spinal decompression service, one of the only chiropractors to have this technology in Washington.

"From my initial injury, Jeremy sent me up with a series of standard chiropractic appointments and an evaluation to ensure that spinal decompression was something that was going to work for me."

Dr. Jeremy believed that standard chiropractic adjustments could help him get out of pain before needing spinal decompression. Unfortunately, David experienced another incident that brought back even more pain.

"I've never felt pain like that before in my life. I came back to Jeremy after a lapse in care and he immediately knew that this was going to be spinal decompression was what's going to fix this... I had gone and seen, other doctors who said surgery was an absolute must."

"After two or three weeks of spinal decompression, they called me in to tell me that they were scheduling me for surgery... I walked in the door pain free to that neurology appointment and was able to tell them that I didn't feel it was necessary and they agreed."

"Spinal decompression saved my life."

"So partnering with Energize... I have never had a negative experience here. Everybody from the moment you come in the door to the moment you leave is welcoming, they are genuinely concerned with your welfare and your health... I just have nothing but positive things to say about the people here!"

David, your story is truly heartwarming and we are so glad we could help you get back your health without the need for surgery. Your recovery has been amazing and we look forward to seeing you continue your progress!

Before coming to Energize Chiropractic and Wellness, Diana was dealing with some pain and visited a few doctors to no avail.

"I had extremely chronic back pain and breathing issues. My now husband suggested I meet with Dr. Jeremy and I was a little skeptical about going to yet another chiropractor, but my back was to a point I needed to do something new."

"I started my journey with Dr. Jeremy, and it's been a whole new world since. Things started getting much better"

She took a break from chiropractic care and, unfortunately, during a golfing event she reaggravated some injuries and experienced bulging discs.

"I was in so much pain. I could hardly move. Dr. Jeremy set me up on decompression. He's one of the few chiropractors that are able to do this particular service. And during this treatment, I was blown away from the results."

"Working with the Energize Chiropractic team has been amazing. They're like family... I've been coming for almost 12 years now. So I haven't had to search for any other chiropractor, and I'm going to stick with Dr. Jeremy, forever and ever and their whole team here!"

Your journey and recovery is so inspiring, Diana, thank you for sharing it and thank for being a part of our family!

Before coming to Energize Chiropractic and Wellness, Erica dealing with some serious migraines and was experiencing pain in her shoulders and neck.

"So I did everything that I possibly could think of before coming to chiropractic. I was introduced to Energize at the car show in Kirkland, and that's when I got more intrigued about trying to get started with chiropractic care and seeing if that would start to eliminate some of my migraines and pain that I had."

"I think with their help, I recovered from that 10 times faster than I probably would if I was just seeing a doctor doing physical therapy or doing my own things and just letting myself recover."

She started to only need to come in once a week and was experiencing relief.

"Yeah, right away, I saw relief in the migraines and more so first in the shoulder pain, and then I got the relief from the migraines...chiropractic care is one of the many things that I think keep my headaches very minimal per month."

"I would say that it's very much like dealing with your family. You walk in, you're greeted by name almost by every employee, which is just amazing that they know you so well, but also they're just very helpful!"

Thank you for your dedication to your health and wellness, it is incredible to see how far you have come. We are lucky to have you at Energize, Erica!

Frank has had an AMAZING journey with chiropractic care and he sat down with us to share a little about he's been able to get back to doing the activities he enjoys!

Frank has been part of the Energize Tribe for about 20 months now and he visited us to help him with his back pain.

"I ski, race, run, bike, lots of stuff. I'm super active. And, it was really bothering me and I'd seen doctors that told me I needed to have surgery... I wanted a second opinion and not have to have surgery and I came in here [to] use the machine and it's kept me going."

"I came in to see Dr. Jeremy cause my friends had recommended me to see him. He has a machine in here that I use for my lower back for decompression which has been a lifesaver."

"My legs used to fall asleep multiple times a day. and it hasn't fallen asleep in months!"

"So I'm in here now probably two or three times a month and it's been great to be consistent... Working with Dr. Jeremy is awesome. Dr. Michelle as well...The front desk is awesome, they have always helped out and are super flexible... I know Dr. Jeremy also treats a couple of my friends. I recommended them and they've been having great results with him."

Frank, thank you so much for sharing your story and we are glad that you searched for a natural alternative to surgery and was able to find us. It is truly a pleasure see your progress and dedication to your health!

Jennifer has had an amazing health journey, and she sat down us to share a little bit about it!

Jennifer stopped coming in for her regular appoinments when she got prengant because she was worried about the process which was only multiplied when the pandemic happened.

"I was reassured before making the decision that everything would be fine, and they can treat me throughout my pregnancy, but I was just extra cautious. Basically I learned after having my baby, that probably wasn't the best idea before my pregnancy."

"I didn't come for nine months. And boy did I feel it after I had my baby. So literally the week after I had my baby, I came back to Energize Chiropractic."

"I've been here twice a week ever since and it's made a huge difference"

"I'm able to do all the things that I regularly do, which is swimming, tennis, walking, cycling, because I come here regularly and I don't get off schedule..."

"I really love coming in and they know me by name. They always greet me... Dr. Michelle and Dr. Jeremy are fabulous. They know my whole story... it's just a very family friendly atmosphere that can help everybody. And someday my daughter I'm sure will come here too!"

We are so greatful to have you back in our office, Jennifer. It is always a pleasure to see come through our doors and we look forward to your conitnued success!

"I had been going to various chiropractors for 40 years and I always had the same issues and ended up in the same place with back pain and neck pain and inability to do the things I wanted to do."

"Finally, a friend suggested Energize, and I thought, I'm going to check it out because this system was a little bit different and it was something new that I'd never tried before. I wanted something that would take care of the issues completely without having to repeatedly go in all the time."

"After the initial x-rays and examination, I was given a course of treatment to come in twice a week, and it gave me faster results. I made sure that I did all the other exercises because they have a lot of continuity and then I could then really clearly see if that treatment was working for me. Now, I just come in one time per week!"

"And I love that part because to me, it's not only what I can feel, it's also about the measurements... so from one x-ray to the next. There are actual measurements that are taken... and I like to look at those from the last one to the next one, because not only can I tell with the way I feel, but I can actually see it on the x-ray in a measurement that is visible for me to look at!"

"Dr. Jeremy has been excellent and everyone's got a smile on their face all the time, that means a lot to me when I walk in the door."

Zyronious was in a lot of pain when she began her journey with us.

"I was having dexterity, issues, it was difficult for me to walk. It was difficult for me to turn my head, even to bend down to tie my shoes."

"When I came in, Dr. Jeremy, gave me x-rays and it showed that I had a curve in my back and I have scoliosis."

From there, Zyronious came to see us 3 times a week, then 2, and now only comes in for an adjustment every 2 weeks!

We also gave her a lift in one of her shoes to balance the distribution on her spine. She says,

"The results have been wonderful. I feel like a new person. I can now go out and walk like I want to, I'm relaxed when I'm driving, I don't feel the stress when I'm at a traffic light, I'm sleeping much better. It's wonderful! I recommend Energize Chiropractic to everyone!"

Like most, Jason ignored his back pain and passed it off as soreness from physical activity and working out. He decided to visit us and realized that wasn't the case.

"I've always had like lower back issues, so I just chalked it up to like a hobby. I'd lift and body build, so, I just chalked it up to like muscle soreness or not recovering properly, not feeding my body properly and that was definitely wrong."

When I first came to Energize Chiropractic, I had just gotten done with a car accident and we did x-rays and there was like a few things that were wrong... After the first month, like I started feeling like major differences, then we started going three times, two times every month and, the progress just got better and better."

Jason experienced a bit of a setback with a second accident, so he came into our office for some more treatment and experienced similar results!

"Every time I walked through the doors, they greet me and I feel respected here, it's a great feeling to know that they're here for your health, and to help you get better... I think that's great because there's a lot of other chiropractors that just, I wouldn't say, don't want to help you as much as them, but don't have the same environment as they do here!"

My Energy Is Up & My Pain Is Down

"I was in a car accident in January that caused my low back, neck and shoulder to be in constant pain. Since coming to Energize Chiropractic and Wellness, my symptoms and pain have greatly improved. Between regular adjustments, decompression therapy and Spine Force treatments, I have my life back. My energy is up and my pain is down. Thank you so much to everyone at Energize Chiropractic and Wellness! You have all been amazing! I am a patient for life!"

– Monica W.

Chiropractic Care Helps Your Body Function As It Was Meant

“My success story began in September 2007. Some of my co-workers began telling me ‘it looks like you are losing weight’. I told them it was probably the outfit. I tried for over a year to lose weight unsuccessfully. I attended Curves three to four times a week for one year. I lost four pounds and 11 inches the first month, but nothing after that.

I even started walking 5 miles a day six times a week and was eating a low carbohydrate diet. I did not lose an ounce. I tried Weight Watchers and lost four pounds the first week, but nothing after that, even with adjusting my ‘points’ up and down.

Since my co-workers continued saying I look like I lost weight, I finally stepped on the scale and found I lost 7 pounds. This occurred after six months of chiropractic care. As of December 2007, I have dropped 13 pounds. Chiropractic adjustments have been the only NEW thing that I have been doing, along with the traction in the office and at home…I feel like my body is no longer fighting me.”

- Vicki S.

Able To Enjoy Life With Chiropractic Care

“Since I started care at Energize Chiropractic and Wellness, I have been able to sleep all night and wake up feeling well rested. I work with out constant pain in my back and I feel healthier. I am able to play harder and longer at my favorite activities. The experience has been all around enjoyable.”

- Les H.


Chiropractic Care Keeps Your Body In Sync & Helps With Golf Game

“Golf is all about timing and rotation. Generally without chiropractic it requires a 30-40 minute warm-up process before teeing off for a good round. What I have noticed, is that if I go to my chiropractic appointment that day, my warm-up time is reduced to 10-15 minutes and on occasions none! Because the muscles and nerves are in sync and are functioning at 100%. I’ve also noticed that the days I have a chiropractic treatment before my round, I hit the ball longer than usual. I no longer feel tired or exhausted after my 18 holes. From 2005-2007 my handicap has dropped 8 strokes! The only variable is chiropractic care on a regular basis. Because of the success and improvement in my game I have also won 5 out of the last 10 tournaments. Thank you very much Energize Chiropractic and Wellness for not only improving my golf game, but also improving my quality of life.”

- Cy G.

Received Chiropractic Care Through Entire Pregnancy

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the wonderful care Energize Chiropractic and Wellness provided me during my recent pregnancy. I am 100% convinced that the reason I had such a ‘perfect’ pregnancy experience was mainly due to my chiropractic care. I was always comfortable and able to sleep throughout the entire night. I had no back aches and never felt that so often complained about ‘stuffed” feeling during my 9 months. I don’t know many mothers that could say the same – unless of course they were under chiropractic care throughout their pregnancies! The care and education throughout my pregnancy was critical and much appreciated. The office truly is filled with ‘miracle workers’!”

- Lori D.

Relief After Auto Accident

“After being in a hit and run car accident I saw a couple chiropractors. One even said after two adjustments I was fine. After being referred to Energize Chiropractic and Wellness I immediately noticed relief from my back and neck pain. After a month I am feeling 95% pain relief from my car accident.”

- Samuel M.


Arm and Shoulder Pain Helped With Chiropractic Care

“I came to Energize Chiropractic and Wellness care for severe arm and shoulder pain that I was certain wouldn’t go away unless they removed my arm!! Within three weeks, Dr. Mark and Dr. Jeremy have adjusted me to a point of no pain and I feel incredible! Though my treatment is not over, I am confident that with their continued support and care I will be back in top shape in no time flat! Thank you Dr. Mark and Dr. Jeremy! You are wonderful!”

- Connie S.

Very Knowledgeable

"Everyone there is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I had a hiccup with my new insurance and they worked with me until my work fixed the insurance. I’ve been to other chiropractors in the past but they don’t stack up to the team at Energize."

- Eric B.

Wonderful Team

"You have a wonderful team of people. Very inviting, caring, informative. Everyone truly looks like they love being/working there – creates a very positive atmosphere. Thank you to the whole team for a very positive first experience."

- Diane H.

Great Visit

"Great visit and excellent staff. I am very impressed and have committed myself to fixing my neck problem with the help of the entire staff at Energize Chiropractic and Wellness. Let’s do this! On a side note, you guys had some awesome Halloween costumes you were rocking at the front desk."

- Rick N.

Efficient and Thorough

"I was very impressed by the overall professionalism, efficiency, and thoroughness of the staff members that assisted me during my visit(s). The massage I received was excellent, and the chiropractors that evaluated me showed a great deal of interest in discovering my problems, as well as coming up with a comprehensive plan to treat them.

Overall I was very impressed, and felt as if I was in extremely capable hands with the staff at this location, and am looking forward to receiving further care from them in the future!"

– Michael A.

Already Tremendous Difference

"The friendliest staff! I love how Doctor Jeremy always explains exactly what he’s doing and is genuinely concerned with his patient’s well-being. I was extremely nervous about going to a chiropractor, but after only a couple of weeks I can already tell a tremendous difference! So glad I came here!"

– Deborah G.

“Marina, the Massage Practitioner, has knowledge in neck/scalp treatment, trigger point & aromatherapy.”

- B.D.

“Our office really enjoyed having the Pamper Employee Program come to our office. Each employee received their massage and some helpful care tips afterwards. The Pamper Employee Program was very professional and made us feel comfortable and welcome.”

- Caliber Home Loans

“Jay, the Massage Practitioner, is great at what he does.”

- C.S.

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