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Tuesday, July 28th at 6:00pm

Weekend Warrior Upcoming Event at Energize Chiropractic

With the current events in the world, we're starting to see more shoulder, neck, low back, hand and feet issues with patients!

Why is that?!

Well, with gyms and other recreational areas closed for the last 3 plus months, more people are starting new activities with their time. Whether it be gardening, hiking, running through your neighborhood, these activities all have a cumulative effect on the body, especially when those muscles and joints have been sedentary for so long. Don't forget the impact our new working lives are having on us! New workstations at home and poor ergonomics certainly have an effect on our bodies as well. A lot of these new aches and pains you may not have experienced before, and that is what we as Chiropractors are here to help you fix!

These aches and pains can be caused by…

  • Dead Arm: Combination of pain and numbness from sitting or sleeping in an awkward position for too long.
  • Bending over at the back: When picking up anything from the ground, you always want to bend at the knees and use your legs muscles, NOT your low back.
  • Tennis Elbow: Pain in the tendons near your elbow caused by repetitive motions in your wrist and arm.
  • Poor Posture: Looking down at your phone or computer can distort the alignment of your neck which then results in neck and shoulder pain.
  • Carpel Tunnel: Hand and finger pain/tingling caused when a major nerve is being squeezed or compressed. This can be due to overworking the wrist and hand.

If a disc, bone, or ligament irritates or compresses a nerve root, especially in your neck, it can create symptoms in your arm and shoulder. The nerves that exit the spine in your neck are responsible for the sensation and strength in your arm, and when those nerves become aggravated, here comes the pain.

Even if you didn't feel the pain while you were learning to plant that new garden, set up your home office, or water ski for the first time, the structure of your spine from years past may have led to the perfect storm of pain in the neck and arm.

Okay, so what do we do now that it has happened?

  1. Get checked out by the Chiropractor 😊
  2. Remember your posture, there are some simple exercises to reverse the rolled forward positions created with working with arms out in front of us called Upper Cross Syndrome.
    1. Stretch your neck in all directions like in our Neck Stretches 3 Ways video found on our YouTube channel!
    2. Do your neck retraction to get your ears back over your shoulders, and open up your chest with the pec-stretches in the door way in 3 positions up, down, and neutral. This is just the beginning!
  3. Join our Virtual Weekend Warrior Workshop! Tuesday, July 28th!

Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Leah Meadows will be giving us the tools and tips to reach our optimal health and continue enjoying the activities we love as well as remaining to enjoy our new found activities!