The Holiday Food Trap

Avoiding The Holiday Food Trap

The Holiday Food Trap

Amidst the holiday season, where loved ones come together to share joy, the most common shared experience tends to revolve around one thing: food. Reflecting on holiday moments with family and friends often brings to mind not only the warmth of love but also the abundance of festive feasting. Some memories may trigger cravings for a repeat experience, while others could lead to vows of forever avoidance.
In the midst of these recollections of shared meals, our thoughts naturally shift towards considerations of health and diet. In recent years, health has rightfully claimed a prominent place in our minds. After all, what are we without our health? While maintaining a healthy diet during the holidays might seem like a formidable challenge, it doesn't have to be. 
Personally, I've developed a strategy over the years: reserving treats and indulgences for the significant days. The smaller gatherings leading up to and surrounding the major events can be potential pitfalls. It's crucial not to succumb to this trap. While you can indulge in small samplings of your favorite treats to curb cravings, save the real indulgence for the main event.
Another helpful tip is to stick to your regular eating habits on routine days. This makes it easier to return to your usual routine afterward, preventing the undoing of the hard work you've put in throughout the year in just a couple of months. This approach allows you to set new, achievable New Year's resolutions instead of relying on the familiar goals of getting healthier, losing weight, and eating right. Even if you haven't reached your goals yet, remember that small steps forward still lead you in the right direction.
Don't let the holiday food trap stress you out and dampen your spirits this year. Stick to your routine on most days, enjoy small bites at smaller gatherings, and savor your favorites on the significant days. Just resist the temptation to make every day a grand feast.

Yours in health,
Dr. Michelle Irwin

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