Figuring Out Fatigue

We blame fatigue on just being busy, but that's the thing is like being busy as one of those toxins that happen.

And then, so you're tired, but you can't sleep. Right. And so people don't really relate that to being a sign of inflammation. Right. But that is. Yeah, because the cells aren't working the way they're supposed to.

So this is where we do a test. We do a simple test called the Meta-Oxy test. This Meta-Oxy test is a $25 test. It's a urine test. And what it does is it actually test to see how much cellular inflammation there is. And this allows us to understand the health of each and every cell in your body. Now, your body's amazing.

It's detoxifying all the time. We've got all the pathways for detoxification, like we've talked about in the past.

Our skin, our liver, our kidneys, our bodies are working through this, but most of the time, our body is getting overwhelmed and not being able to detox as quickly.

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