The Truth About Detoxing

What is toxicity, right? What is toxicity? And the thing that I think we need to realize is that the toxicity level in our environment is going up day after day, year after year.

There is much more toxicity in our environment than there was just 15 to 20 years ago. Take into account the GMOs that really became most popular in about 1996.

This is when we started to really mass spray big fields with pesticides, herbicides that were not going to hurt the crop, but they were going to kill everything else around them.

Well, that sounds great and makes sense, but then when you really think about where those toxins are actually going, they're going to go into the plant of the food or whatever that we're going to be eating. Worse than that, is a lot of the glyphosate and things like this are water-soluble. So what those do is they get down into our groundwater.

My son was actually asking the last night about well water, like, hey, is well water clean? And I had to tell him, you know, well water's typically clean, but they come out and they test it. But the issue is we're seeing in most urban places, if people have wells that we're seeing levels of glyphosate that are pretty high and not very safe for you.

So these toxins get into our system through the foods that we eat, right?

They get in through the air that we breathe.

They get into us from the emotional stress that we carry, because it leaves our body more vulnerable.

I oftentimes think, and I need to get a picture to draw this, but if you can picture a bucket, so there's a bucket and that bucket goes in, you know, the Big Mac that you had, but also the car accident that you had. All the toxins, all the stress, all the traumas that go into or happen to you actually go into that bucket.


And that bucket has a certain fill point and you're pretty good. And you don't really notice any symptoms. You don't notice anything until that bucket gets to the top. And then that bucket starts to spill over. This could be from a big life impact, emotional stress.

It could be from a car accident, or it could be from going through a period in your life where you're not being quite as healthy, and you're feeding yourself foods that are not as clean. Yeah, and you just kinda get that feeling of whoa, what's going on type of situation. And when that bucket over fills or overflows, then we start getting signs of inflammation.

So what are these signs?

They can be aching joints, and I'm not talking about inflammation like in an elbow or in a knee, I'm talking about just general body inflammation and inflammation on the cell more specifically.

And so this starts to cause symptoms, symptoms of, you know, hard to lose weight, hormone imbalance, headaches, joint pains,  back pain, neck pain, all kinds of different things can start to come from these toxicities.

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