Snow & Detoxing?

Hello, happy snow be gone Tuesday.

We are so excited to be here this month. It's one of my favorite topics talking about detoxification and understanding how to make your body work for you and not against you.

So we're going to talk about how the snow reminds us of detoxifying. Hopefully you guys get a chance to read the newsletter this week because it's very appropriate for what we're talking about.

How does the snow remind us of detoxification? The reason I thought about this is as I was looking out the window on Saturday, after it had snowed and before everybody got out there playing, is that it was a nice, clean, pristine sheet of just blanket of snow.

There were no tracks, there were no things being kicked up. But as we got out there and started playing and walking through, things started happening.

Like first you see the tracks of walking through, it's still white, but you can see where you've been and what you've done. But then as you start playing more and you get more into your life, the things underneath that are hiding, start to come up to the surface.

And so you start to get the brown snow, the yellow snow, the black snow, and all those things.

And so it really made me think of when we are living a clean, healthy lifestyle and eating a good clean diet, how as we're going about our lives, things still get kicked up from below the surface.

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