12 Ways Stress Can Affect Us During the Holidays

12 Ways Stress Can Affect Us During the Holidays

Chiropractic Kirkland WA Holiday Stress

By: Dr. Michelle Irwin!

With the holidays upon us, usually there can be an element of stress that comes with it. The reason we want to avoid the stress as much as possible is 2-fold; 1. We of course want to have fun but also 2. stress has a negative effect on our health if it is left ignored.

Stress can be a very effective way for us to survive when we are running from a predator or need to focus for a short period, but when we are living in a constant state of stress it slowly destroys the health of our body overtime.

When we are under stress, there are 12 ways our body adapts to survive:

  • Blood pressure increases to get blood to the extremities for running
  • Heart Rate increases to move the blood
  • Cholesterol elevates for wound repair and to supply the stress hormone
  • Clotting Factors increase to stop bleeding out from wounds
  • Fear and Anxiety increases for heighten awareness
  • Insulin Sensitivity is down regulated to keep glucose in the system for fuel
  • Blood Sugar increases for fuel
  • Immune response decreases because you are fighting off bigger enemies
  • Ability to learn and focus decreases because you don’t need new information
  • Digestion slows down because there are other priorities
  • Reproduction processes slow down or shut off
  • Serotonin production decreases because you are not happy right now

Now imagine that these processes are going on all day every day.

Can you see why we are concerned about stress?

Stress also causes pressure on the nervous system which will only causes this Adaptive Physiology to continue. By getting regular adjustments, especially during stressful times like the holidays, exercising and eating right, we can reduce these negative effects and let them do the good they are meant for.

Holidays shouldn’t be stressful; we aren’t running from predators anymore.

We are having time with our loved ones and sharing joy for being together once again. Remembering the times in the past that bring happiness, joy, and love. I know it can be hard at times but the more we focus of the positives of the season, the more we can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

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