Tired? 😴 sleep hacks to feel your BEST! | By Dr. Leah Meadows

Tired? 😴 sleep hacks to feel your BEST!

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The Ultimate Guide for Restful Nights


Hello sleep lovers!

With the arrival of summer, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer, which can interfere with our precious sleep. But fear not! Here are some great tips and tricks to maximize your sleep and enjoy a great night. Let's take a closer look:

1. Embrace the darkness: Create a dark and cool sleeping environment with blackout curtains or blinds. Blocking out the sun, even early in the morning, sends a signal to your brain that it's time to rest.

2. Keep cool: Keep your bedroom cool. No air conditioning. Try a fan or cooling mattress topper to beat the summer heat. Experiment with different bedding materials to find one that keeps you comfortable and cool.

3. Streamline your bedtime routine. Establish a solid bedtime routine, like we as kids to tell us it’s “time to relax” Idea: Read a book, take a warm bath, do some light stretching or meditate. Avoid screens and stimulating activities for at least an hour before bed. Get rid of blue light!

4. Hydrate smartly: Do not consume alcohol or sugar within 1-2 hours before bedtime. It is best to drink enough fluids throughout the day. Remember to drink half your body weight in ounces.

5. Light exposure balance: Get some natural light during the day to regulate your circadian rhythm. Spend time outdoors, especially in the morning, to help your body recognize the time of day. Remove blue light from your screen at least 60 minutes before bed to support melatonin production for a restful sleep.

6. Strategic Napping: If you feel sleepy during the day, choose short naps of 20 minutes or less. Long naps can disrupt sleep patterns. Try to take a nap earlier in the day so as not to disturb your sleep at night. I love a good power nap!

7. Consistency Counts: A regular awake time can be even more rewarding for sleep health then a regular bedtime…especially when we are loving these long summer nights. Even on weekends try to stay as true to your routine as possible.

8. Think of a sleep tracker that gives you feedback. I really like the Oura ring. I can't stop talking about all the benefits. It looks cool too! Click here for the link: http://www.ouraring.com.

Remember that good sleep is essential to your overall health, well-being, and productivity. Get the best sleep and have a healthy summer!

Sleep well and enjoy the season! 


PS>>>>> can’t forget this one….of course a great PILLOW!!!

By: Dr. Leah Meadows + the Energize Team!

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