Break It Down Now

by Dr. Michelle Irwin

Nutrition Services in Kirkland WA

Digestion, what is that all about?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as the process of making food absorbable by mechanically and enzymatically breaking it down into simpler chemical compounds. Sounds simple right? Eat the food, break it down, absorb it, and let your body reap the benefits. But when we don’t eat the right foods, get the right combinations of nutrients or get too much, our digestive system gets upset. It is so common that every other commercial on the TV is for some kind of digestive medication to help us continue to eat this way. They also create some catchy jingles that run through my head every time I think about this subject.

This month we are going to dive deep into the digestive system and learn more on how we can help it work even better as we enter the holiday season where there will be a lot of tasty treats to be indulged. We don’t need to suffer to enjoy this season and we don’t have to go overboard only to set New Year’s resolutions to undo it all. Let’s take care of our health from the GETGO!

Join us on Facebook Live or Zoom Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 at 6pm for the full break down.

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