A Guide to Exercises for Low Back Pain

A Guide to Exercises for Low Back Pain


Too often, patients who are experiencing chronic low back pain head straight for medical intervention to solve the problem. Medications, however, only mask the pain, and surgical intervention is drastic and may be unnecessary. Before you head down that path, consider how effective a simple program of exercise can be in decreasing lower back pain.

Leg and Back Stretches

Hamstring stretches will help to increase the strength and flexibility of your thighs and buttocks, thereby decreasing stress and tension on your lower back. Back extensions, in which you lie on your stomach and push your shoulders off the floor with your hands, help to strengthen and flex your lower back muscles directly.

Pelvic Stretches

Bridges, pelvic tilts, and knee-to-chest stretches are all exercises that stretch and strengthen the core muscles of your pelvis, buttocks, and lower back. When these muscles are stronger and more flexible, they support your lower spine and help to reduce pain.

Exercises to Avoid

Some exercises might seem like a good idea but can do more harm than good. Toe touches and sit-ups can put damaging pressure on the discs of your spine. Leg lifts can build your core muscles and the muscles of your lower back, but if your core is not already strong, they can strain your back and make your pain worse.

Spinal Manipulation for Low Back Pain

If you've tried these exercises and are still experiencing lower back pain, consider a screening by a chiropractor to see if spinal manipulation might be able to ease your pain. Manual-thrust spinal manipulation by a chiropractor is often very effective at reducing low back pain, and it's a much less risky intervention than medications or surgical procedures.

Ready to find out how a regular program of exercise and manipulation can lessen your low back pain? Contact us our chiropractic clinic in Kirkland to find out more.

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