Upper Trap Stretch


Frequently, patients with forwarding head carriage have one shoulder higher than the other because the muscles in the back of their neck are overactive and too tight.

A stretch to help reduce this muscle tension, also known as is your upper trap stretch, the muscles that form your turtle shell as well as the scalings, the muscles that help move your neck from side to side.

The way I'm going to start this, I'm going to take my left arm.

I'm going to place it behind my back like this.

I'm then going to place my right arm, bring it to the opposite side of my head.

I'm going to lower my right ear to my right shoulder while gradually adding overpressure.

This stretch should be done about 20 to 30 seconds for two to three reps.

This stretch can also be done in a seated position.

Instead of my hand behind my back, it's to the side of the chair, pulling down to help increase the muscle stretch.

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