Tony Improved His Posture With Chiropractic Care!

Watch and read this incredible interview with one of our doctors and a patient about how we helped him improve his posture!

Dr: What was life like before receiving chiropractic care, and how did you learn about Energize Chiropractic and Wellness?

Tony: My life before receiving chiropractic care was terrible. My back hurt. I learned about Energize Chiropractic through Facebook. I saw that it was in Kirkland, and I work in Kirkland.

Dr: Why did you start care with Energize Chiropractic and how has your journey been?

Tony: I started care with Energize Chiropractic and Wellness because I don't want to have a slouched back, like my grandma when she became old. I don't want to have that happen, but right now my journey has been good.

I have better posture, so we're good.

My overall experience with Energize Chiropractic and Wellness has been great.

Chiropractic care focuses on healing the body naturally, holistically, and without the use of medication from the inside out. If you need help getting out of pain, schedule an appointment today!