Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Tips For a Better Night's Sleep

Chiropractic Kirkland WA Tip For A Better Night Sleep

By Dr. Michelle Irwin

Day after day we hear about a poor night's sleep causing pain, and with the way work is going for so many these days it is just getting worse. The benefits of getting a good night's sleep can be felt when we get to have it but how can we help ensure that it is the common occurrence and not just a random lucky shot?

Here are some simple tips to make sleep better and work in your favor.

1. 30 minutes prior to sleep turn off visual electronics and don't read stimulating books or articles. This will allow your brain to relax and prepare for sleep without being over stimulated.

2. Do a meditation, hot bath or shower, or listen to calming music to relax in the 30 minutes prior to sleep.

3. Journal about the day you had. This will allow you to work through it without running over it while you sleep.

4. Sleep with the room cooler. You won't toss and turn from the heat and your body will relax under the covers better.

5. Use a weighted blanket to help relieve anxiety and feel secure while you sleep. You can also pile on the blankets when it gets colder it you like instead of the weighted blanket.

6. Sleep with your feet out from under the covers. It keeps your calves from cramping up from the weight and you can wear socks to keep your feet warm.

7. Get adjusted regularly to relieve tension and stress on the nervous system and decrease pain so you can find a comfortable position to rest in. Babies often get fussy and don't sleep well because of stress on the nervous system and after an adjustment or even during one they fall asleep.

8. Try to go to sleep earlier. 1 hour of deep sleep before midnight is the equivalent of 2 hours of deep sleep after midnight.

Try any of these out for the next few weeks and see how your sleep changes. If you are of the right age and you need a little more help getting a good night's sleep, ask us about our CBD Sleep products. They can be the help you need to wake up ready to take on the day.

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