Therapeutic Massage and Movement Therapy to Keep You Active and Healthy

Therapeutic Massage and Movement Therapy to Keep You Active and Healthy

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Sometimes the pain you experience in your daily life has a very specific structural cause, but sometimes it's caused by a constellation of problems that must all be treated in order for you to feel relief. A program of therapeutic massage and movement therapy may target the specific, individual problems that lead to pain, but it can also teach your body to move better as a whole. And when your body moves with ease, you're likely to feel relief from your daily discomforts.

Common Causes of Pain

Chronic pain can certainly be caused by injury or some other distinct structural problem, but it can also be caused by habitual problems with your movement, posture, or range of motion. Pain may even be a result of stress that translates into physical tension in your muscles and joints, leading to pain.

Chronic pain may also be the result of weakness in the core muscles that support and guide your entire body during most movements. The muscles of your back, abdomen, pelvis and buttocks work to stabilize your back and torso, to help you to balance, to maintain healthy posture, and to move your entire body through almost all of your daily activities. Without a strong, healthy, flexible group of core muscles, you're likely to experience back pain, overall muscle tension, decreased range of motion, or joint pain.

The Goals of Massage and Movement Therapy

The goal of a massage and movement therapy program is to target both the specific problems that are causing you pain and the habitual patterns that can affect your daily feelings of wellbeing. The therapies use hands-on techniques to ease muscle tension, improve flexibility and range of motion, build strength, and correct posture and alignment problems.

Techniques used in the programs include massage therapy to directly ease tension and pain, as well as therapeutic exercises designed to increase muscular strength and range of motion.

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