The Holiday Food Traps

The Holiday Food Traps

Chiropractic Kirkland WA Holiday Food Traps

By Dr. Michelle Irwin

The holidays are about loved ones getting together to share. The most common thing we share is food. I know that whenever I remember my holiday times with family and friends the second thing I remember after all the love is all the food. Some with fond cravings to have it again and some with memories to maybe skip it forever and always.

With the memories of food comes the thought of course of health and diet. Over the last couple of years, health has taken its rightful place in the forefront of our minds. What are we if we don't have our health, after all? Eating right over the holidays may seem impossible but it doesn't have to be. Something I have been working on over the years is leaving the treats and indulgences for the big days. The small get-togethers before and around the big days can be a trap. Try not to fall into this trap. You can have small samplings of the treats you know you like to get over the cravings but build anticipation for the big show.

Also, try to keep your normal eating habits during the routine days, this way it is easier to get back to them rather than blowing up all the good work you have done through the year in the last 2 months. This will allow you to make new New Year's resolutions instead of falling back on the old reliable, get healthier, lose weight, and eat right. You have done that, and if you haven't made it to your goals yet that's okay. Small steps forward still get you to your destination.

Don't let the holiday food trap get you stressed and leave you feeling down this year. Stick with your routine most days, have small bites at small gatherings and have what you love on the big days. Just don't make every day a big day.

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