The Hidden Chemical Stresses by Dr. Michelle Irwin

The Hidden Chemical Stresses

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By Dr. Michelle Irwin

The world we live in today is full of toxins. From the air we breathe to the cleaning supplies we use to stay healthy; we are more exposed now than we ever have been. Even the foods we eat exposes us and the metabolic systems and pathways internally used to break down those products can build up in our cells and lead to toxic overload. So, what does this mean for us and why is it important for us to know about it and do something to correct it?

Well, the answer is because many chemicals used in today's products are known to disrupt hormone balance and contribute to many chronic health problems. The good news is that the human body is smart, and it's equipped with an advanced detoxification system that neutralizes toxic compounds into safe byproducts which can be eliminated through our sweat, urine, and stool. The not so good news is that as our toxic exposure grows, the burden on these systems overwhelms the body, leading to higher and higher toxic loads.

Detoxification is important not only to rid your body of environmental toxins like pollutants and pesticides, but also to clear your body of the toxic byproducts of its own metabolism. This is a complex process that requires essential nutrients to neutralize the toxins and antioxidants to clear the system of harmful free radicals that cause stress on the system. It is a 2-step process that starts with specific enzymes to metabolize toxins either into water-soluble forms to be excreted by the kidneys or converted to their activated forms to be combined with water-soluble compounds to be eliminated from the body.

For this 2-phase process to work, there needs to be balance and abundance of the proper nutrients. This means that we must flood our system with high-quality vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to properly detoxify our systems.

This month let's aim to decrease our toxic load, take pressure off our nervous systems, and get detoxing! (prepare to get started after Valentine's Day ❤️)

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