Rare Spine Force Machine For Auto Injuries


One thing that I get asked anytime somebody comes into the office who's new or has been coming in for a long time is, "What is that big machine?"

Today I'm going to describe to you what our Spine Force is and what we use it for.

A Spine Force is a machine that is used to strengthen the small muscles along your back.

These are muscles that when you've had a car accident, a disc injury, or just lifted wrong, those muscles stop working first.

What these machines do is they use isometric contraction, which means that the muscles are doing the work, but they're not shortening anything.

That allows these small muscles along your spine to get strong.

That way you get healthier faster.

I'm going to show you how it works because it's really interesting.

Come with me.

What's happening is at this point, I'm pushing and pulling with my arms, and you can see the plates moving.

I'm not doing a whole lot of work it looks like, but I'm getting a major workout in my legs and in my abs and in my back.

When it's working, you've got to think.

It's kind of like the video game Dance Dance Revolution.

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