Posture Wrap Party

Posture Wrap Party

by Dr. Michelle Irwin

Chiropractic Kirkland WA Yoga

This month we have focused on posture again because it is so important to our overall health and wellbeing. The daily activities we take for granted as just another day are what build our future life. Beginning with our school days wearing backpacks to school all the way to a career life working on computers and looking down more as adults than we did as students, we need to focus on the proper positions to allow the best flow of energy and communications through our body.

It’s the simple things like remembering to have your backpack positioned properly and not exceeding 10% of your body weight. Have your workstation positioned so you aren’t reaching for the keyboard and mouse and making sure you are looking straight ahead. Oh, and don’t forget to move through the day with stretches and exercises that are simple yet powerful.

I know it sounds like a no brainer to do things like move through the day, but how many of us get lost in what we are doing and forget to do them? Many times a day I hear about how people are forgetting the simple things in life, even sometimes not drinking water or skipping lunch! Who has ever done that? Be honest. I know I have.

Let’s make this the best time of our life by listening to our body and making simple changes to get the best out of our day, week, month, and the years to come!

P.S. If you are wondering what each of the simple things above look like, check out our Facebook page videos. They show the best way to set up each of these postures.

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