Dr. Leah’s Story


Hi, I'm Doctor Leah Meadows with ENERGIZE CHIROPRACTIC AND WELLNESS. The first time I was ever adjusted, I went to a chiropractor because I was having extreme headaches. A friend of mine, we were in university together and he was saying to me, why not go to a chiropractor?

I was in the Chiropractic Clinic. I saw a sign that said we help with headaches. Now I had these headaches, not just that month, not just that year, but literally since I was 14 years old. I had headaches and I didn't know why I had these headaches. Excedrin didn't fix my headaches. Tylenol didn't fix my headaches. Tylenol Codeine  didn't fix my headaches. Nothing was fixing these headaches. I also didn't know who to go to. So I went to my medical doctor. I went to massage therapist. I went to the doctor at my university.

But finally, my friends said to go to a Chiropractor. So I did, and that literally  changed my life. It changed my career path. It changed my health, all for the better. I'd never even really heard of Chiropractic. I heard the name, but I didn't really hear much about Chiropractic. So I made myself an appointment, went and saw the Chiropractor. The Chiropractor said to me, when he took x-rays before I got adjusted, do you know you have Scoliosis? And I'm like, yeah, totally, I have Scoliosis. Oh, how do you know? I've been seeing an orthopedic surgeon since I was 11 years old. And they wanted to put me in a back brace when I was 13. I did not want to do that as a 13 year old girl, because I felt like that was social suicide.

Who would want to do that when they're 13 years old? So I didn't take that route and did physical therapy, ballet for my posture, all these things, but no one actually addressed the problem which was a Scoliosis. This Chiropractor did address the problem. And when I got adjusted for the very first time, I felt amazing. I walked out of the chiropractic clinic without low back pain. I felt like I was walking on pillows. I didn't realize that I was growing up with low back pain. I probably had it since I was 11 years old. And I didn't know what it felt like to feel good because I was just used to it.

So within a couple of weeks, my headaches got better, literally went away and I decided at that point,  I'm going to go to Chiropractic School. So my route was actually dental school. I had all the right credentials and I not only found a new career, but I had it like new lease on life. I felt so good. That was my first adjustment and a career change.

One of the most amazing things happen to be very early on in my career. I was probably just in my first year , out of Chiropractic School and in the profession and my sister had a baby. He's born on my birthday. So that was fun. So it was my birthday. We were in the hospital. She gave birth in Canada and unfortunately for the birth of my nephew, it was really difficult. It was almost a C-section, but actually used forceps. Think about being pulled, literally lifted up by your head as an adult, that's what forceps does to a baby.

So he was like this, totally uncomfortable crying five minutes after he was born. And we gave him his first adjustment and he literally took a nice deep breath and just relax. The shoulders went down, he stopped crying. That was the first time he stopped crying. It was awesome.

So to me, that was like the first miracle adjustment that I ever saw. And then also another big pivotal moment. I was the patient. This was years later. Four or five years later I actually broke my back in a snowboard accident. So I compressed several vertebra and I went through the process of my next level chiropractic healing.

That was really great because I did experience this other level of healing that I wouldn't have had if I was in a brace or just going to physical therapy or massage. But the chiropractic care that I got that time was amazing to me being the patient as well.

In our practice, we see all different types of patients from little babies to seniors. We're really excited to see patients in our office, people that have had failed back surgeries,  people that have had headaches. We see patients that are elite athletes. I see struggling moms that have had two or three kids and are stressed out. Maybe their backs are sore from lifting all the time or having that baby on their hip. Weekend warriors, lots of people that snowboard, wakeboard, tube.

There are so many things that we do around here. So if you've had injuries, those are other reasons to see us here at ENERGIZE CHIROPRACTIC AND WELLNESS. And not only am I a doctor here, but I have experienced a lot of the symptom relief as well as the corrective care that we do, because I was obviously a patient at a chiropractic clinic before I became a patient here at ENERGIZE HEALTH AND WELLNESS myself.

I unfortunately broke my back in a snowboard accident and I've had lots of other injuries too. We like to do a lot of sports in our family. So I've been there, done that and recovered exceptionally well.

So the other part of our practice that I really love and value is that we help you get out of pain as quick as possible, and then we help you stay that way for a long time too. That's what's really important to us. Meeting you where you are on whatever level and upleveling your health.

Chiropractic care focuses on healing the body naturally, holistically, and without the use of medication from the inside out. If you need help getting out of pain, schedule an appointment today!