DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

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By Dr. Michelle Irwin

Have you ever been out enjoying a nice hike or walk, trying a new workout, or just pushing yourself on a workout that you have been doing for a while only to wake up a day or two later and not be able to move? This is DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness. It is a common occurrence for all types of people, from elite athletes to ultimate beginners. The problem with DOMS is that you can't tell when you are going to get it. You don't feel it happening at the time, only days later will it be felt. It is the feeling of muscle pain that is characterized by muscles that are tender to the touch, reduced range of motion due to pain and stiffness when moving, swelling of the affected muscles, muscle fatigue, and short-term loss of muscle strength.

The most common type of work out that leads to DOMS is eccentric exercises where you are using both muscle groups to move a joint, like biceps curls or other weightlifting, but can be caused by just about any exercise or workout that your body is not used to. You don't have to reach the level of DOMS for a workout to be effective, because once your body is getting stronger, you will have a more efficient work out and get better results.

In order to move past the point of DOMS, listening to your body is essential. Move as much as you can, if you can do another workout that is more movement based, like yoga or tai chi, that can help your muscles recover. Get adjusted so the nerve supply to your muscles and joints can help your healing process and try a massage to help your muscles stop spasming. And always stay hydrated and get your electrolytes and other minerals to fuel your body when working out.

Chiropractic care focuses on healing the body naturally, holistically, and without the use of medication from the inside out. If you need help getting out of pain, schedule an appointment today!

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