Boost your Immunity Through Food

Boost your Immunity Through Food!

Boost your Immunity Through Food

By: Dr. Michelle Irwin

Health doesn’t come from a pill and never will.

It is about what foods we eat, the exercise we get, and the mental care we take for ourselves.

Food is our medicine. It sounds farfetched and unthinkable these days, right?

Truth is that the pharmaceuticals out there are all trying to replicate the effects of natural substances that our body has receptors for in order to make the processes of the body function correctly. From pain relief to immune support, the foods we choose to eat can make or break these systems.

Here are some examples; did you know that Aspirin was developed to mimic the properties of White Willow Bark and ibuprofen mimics Turmeric for their pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects? Vitamin C and D3 are used for their immune boosting and cellular healing properties which is why we take these as vitamins but also why we need to eat foods rich in these vitamins and need sunshine to grow healthy.

Just like plants need the rich soil and sunshine to grow, we also need the rich building blocks for a healthy nervous system and immune system.

Food isn’t just about how it fills our bellies; it is about how the products of the breakdown of foods get to and work throughout the systems of our body.

While we do need to have more and more of our vitamins from supplements due to depleted soil concentrations, we still need to have the proper macro foods in our systems for them to supplement.

They are supplements and not the full meal deal.

I am reminded of Flintstone’s vitamins growing up. Now we have gummy vitamins floating around more and more, but what are they really giving us.

Hard packed vitamins are hard to digest and will even show up on an x-ray as a whole pill in the lower intestine and gummies have more sugar in them just by the sheer fact that they are gummies, so are we really getting the vitamins in the way we are going to best use them?

If we can find the whole food sources that have the right number of essential vitamins and minerals available, we also find that those sources are flavorful and tasty without all the added sugar and filler.

The supplements we carry at Energize Chiropractic are from various sources because we have tested and tried many across the spectrum to be able to provide you with the best quality and most bio-available to help you build the best strongest house around.

Just like we need the right foundation, structure, walls, furniture, and appliances for our households we need the same for our body. This is the only one we get, and we need to make sure that everything is in the proper working order and organized to function optimally to move correctly through life and fight off the bad viruses and bacteria we encounter daily.

When we wait for a crisis to come up, we are already behind the curve on fighting against it.

The best offense is a strong defense and the more we support our bodies when we are feeling great, the better they will work and fight when we feel less than stellar.

Chiropractic care focuses on healing the body naturally, holistically, and without the use of medication from the inside out. If you need help getting out of pain, schedule an appointment today!

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